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20 Whole30 finds at Costco

Who loves Costco? I sure do. Costco has a great selection of pretty much everything and their prices are great. The more I shop the more things I find. Especially more products that are whole30 compliant from fresh and frozen fruits, veggies, and meats, spices, and so much more. Below is a list of all the things that you can find at Costco to help you have the most successful round of whole30. Plus because they are cost effective and easy to get they make eating healthy after your round of whole30 that much easier.

  1. Fresh and Frozen Meats (just always double check)
  2. Fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables
  3. Kirkland Low Sodium Bacon (make sure it is the low sodium)
  4. Tru Grill Fire Grilled Chicken Strips
  5. Kirkland Smoked Pulled Pork
  6. Aidells Chicken and Apple Sausage
  7. Originals Sliced Turkey Deli Meat
  8. Resers Main St. Bistro Sea Salt and Black Pepper Over Roasted Peppers
  9. Green Giant Cauliflower Rice
  10. Kirkland Almond Butter
  11. Nanak Pure Desi Ghee
  12. Kirkland Coconut Oil
  13. Chosen Foods Mayo ( Be sure to read the label of the Chosen Foods brand mayonnaise. Sometimes it will have honey and sometimes it won’t.)
  14. Kirkland Almond Flour
  15. Chicken Stock, Vegetable Stock, and Bone Broth (just be sure to double check as sometime brands change)
  16. Kirkland Organic Can tomatoes (diced tomatoes and tomato paste) ***the tomato sauce is not compliantā€¦it has sugar in it***
  17. Tres Pontas Organic Cassava Flour
  18. Del Destino Organic Sliced Mangos
  19. Nuts such as walnut, pecans etc
  20. And a lot of your staple items: spices, eggs, coffee…


Most of these items I have on hand at all time to ensure that my whole30 experience (regardless of what round I am on) is the most successful. The more I become familiar and aware of the whole30 compliant items the more I am exploring and finding. Just this past few months I found the smoked pork and grilled chicken strips. I would have never of thought to check those items but one day while I was in the store I just took and glance. It has changed the game to whole30 and my daily eating as they are clean, quick and easy meal options. I pray this list finds you well and helps you in whatever stage of whole30 you are in!

If you stumble across something thats not on this list please let me know. The more we can find and have available the more successful we will be.

Best of Luck!!!


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