The Calm Before the Storm!

The Calm Before the Storm!

These past few weeks has been the calm before the storm I would say. Our activity level has been at a minimal. My goal was to take advantage of the time and get caught up on things like meal planning, cleaning bathrooms, little projects around the house BUT the opposite has happened. I have lounged on the couch, lounged at the pool with the kids, lounged at Starbucks while editing photos, let the kids play video game, cuddle on the couch after dinner with kiddos…of course mom guilt set in but can you believe that I have fought against it. I would say I am enjoying the calm before the storm. In just a few days the crazy will start all back up again between school starting, gymnastic, Tae Kwon Do (which the entire family does), dance classes, and soccer. This year my daughter will be in kindergarten so I will have 8 hours of kid free freedom but that doesn’t mean I will have nothing to do. I have taken advantage of the quietness these past few weeks and let myself and the kids just be. Plus, the kids need time to be kids. Everything will still be there ready and waiting for me and them. So as the calm quietness of the storm dissipates I have chosen to enjoy its beauty. Before I can even blink the heavy wind, rain, thunder, and lightening will be right on top of me. It will be full force at all time. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it. I love that my kids have all these great opportunities where they learn to work as a team, stay active and grow in new and fun ways. 

With that said it is also time to get back on track with your goals. With school starting very soon there will be more time to think about you and getting back to your best self so you can be your best self for your family. And what better way than to do a round of whole30. Lets clean out our bodies and minds of all the yummy summer foods!! Let’s get our clarity back, our energy back, and our confidence back! This round of whole30 will not be one to miss. It will begin on August 18th and end on September 16th. Ready to take your life back? I would love to have you join in. Please visit my facebook page Ashley’s Whole30 Babes to see what all the fuss is about. We are a group that support and encourage you through your entire whole30 experience.

*If you do not know anything about whole30 please go out and buy the book Whole30 by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig and actually read it. It is your guide to whole30. It breaks down the program is an amazing way.* 

***Disclaimer: I am not a medical provider. Your doctor’s medical advice comes before anything I say or recommend. The material is all my own unless otherwise stated.***

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