Without encouragement and support we don’t achieve all the things that we want to do but are scared to do. Whether we give it to ourselves or to others it is what can motivate you, lift you and inspire you to achieve all things. I want this to be a place where you can find it. Yes we will talk about Whole30, Nutritional coaching, fitness, meal prep and planning and mom life but isn’t encouragement what gets you through those daunting task. The “I cant do this” or the “I want to lock myself in the closet with a box of thin mints?” I want to believe it is. Whether we find it in the Lord, other people, words we read or a song we hear its essential and makes all the difference. As I continue with my journey I can guarantee you that i still struggle, that I have been at that place where you feel like you can”t do it, or you are so ready to start but are completely stuck on how to get started or you have fallen backwards. I am hear to tell you, you CAN do it, you can start and you can pick yourself back up and keep moving forward. I hope God can use me to help you reach your goals no matter what they are: physical, emotional, spiritual…

                                                                                              With that Lets Do This!

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